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Brow $20 
Lip $10    

Chin $15      

Face (includes brows) $50
Full Arms  $45  

Half Arms  $25      

Underarms  $20    

Full Legs  $65  

Half Legs  $45
Chest $40    

Stomach $30     

Back $65    
Bikini $35

Brazillian $65


Brow Tint $20      
Lash tint $20

Brow Wax and Tint $35 (Save $5)

Skin Care Services

Corrective Facials 

Whether its skin maintenance, antiaging and brightening, to reduce teenage or adult acne, or to calm redness and strengthen sensitive skin, your facial will be a perfect blend of Rhonda Allison products customized to treat ALL of your skin care needs.


Enhance your Facial with Add ons:       `-

  • Exfoliating and hydrating Lip treatment 

  • Anti-aging Hand treatment $15

  • Pure oxygen infusion $15

  • Vitamin and peptide infused oxygen spray $20

  • Oxygen infusion and vitamin spray $25 

  • Eyelift with microcurrent $15

  • Mini Lift whole face with microcurrent $30 (adds 20 min.


Back Facials (30 min) 


Advanced Skincare

Microdermabrasion Facial (55 min.) 

Using a medical grade crystal microderm, the spray will gently sand the skin to remove the dead outerlayer of skin buildup. This type of skin rejuvenation will help with light scarring, discoloration, rough skin texture, pore size, sundamage, finelines and wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  Additional Enhancements:

  Hibiscus Peel  (Little to no peeling)


  Vitamin A Peel  


Chemical Peels (45min.)

Rhonda Allison peels are custom blends of enzymes and acid solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin that help improve many skin conditions such as aging skin, sundamage and hyperpigmentation, rosacea and acne.


Peels will stimulate collagen, create improvements in firmness, wrinkles and fine lines, texture and tone, hydration, reduction of pore size and clear blemishes. What cant peels do??

The Hibiscus 

Enjoy the regeneration and brightening of the Hibiscus peel without the downtime and flaking.

This peel can be added at the end of dermaplane or microdermabrasion treatment for even  

Progressive Peels 

Does not usually cause immediate exfoliation, but mild flaking may occur. 

Mid-depth and Deep Peels 

(Includes a post peel kit and a post hydration facial within 7-10 days). With mid-depth peels, exfoliation may occur within 2-3 days and light flaking may occur similar to a sunburn. With deep peels the skin can become brown and crusty with considerable peeling 3-4 days after. This process can take about 7-10 days.


Nano Needling


Microneedling $200

(Collagen Induction Therapy) 90 min.
The ultimate anti-aging treatment that is all the rave in the skincare industry and created specifically for stubborn lip lines. Microneedling creates scar-less wounds stimulating the body’s own repair process to create your own collagen and elastin.  


The benefit is younger-looking and healthier skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced while the skin is more firm and toned.  It will help fade sundamage spots, tighten pores, improve acne scars and traumatic scars, as well as stretch marks. Results will continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment as collagen production continues . 


For optimum results and depending on the severity of the issue to be corrected, it is HIGHLY recommended to receive a series of 3 to 6 treatments that are spaced 6 weeks to 2 months in between sessions.

Three or more Microneedling Sessions $200 per treatment 

(Includes a post care kit and one post hydration facial per session within 7-10 days)


*Other body parts may be added for an additional $150


RF Fibroblast Skin Tightening $200+

Upper eyelids 

Lower eyelids 

Upper and lower eyelids 

Price will depend on the area treated



Skincare Services
Adv Skincare
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